Aquifer Market Services

We’re your next CFO. You need more than a bookkeeper but less than a full-time CFO. We can help you with the day-to-day accounting and finance complexities that every small business or startup faces when they want to scale. We are the tenacious partner who will work closely with you to create a strategic path forward. An approach that positions your startup for optimal performance, prolonged growth and limited risks. 

our story

Over 95% of startups fail. Why? Well, at Aquifer, we believe this is due to financial issues that deteriorate the company and the founder’s mental health. We wanted to build a consulting firm that tackles this problem by providing financial infrastructure, guidance and transparency. This allows management and stakeholders to understand startup performance better, make better decisions and plan for success. We know that running a business is tough; we’re founders and entrepreneurs too. We also know that many founders are great at the “zero to one” but do not necessarily have the mindset to go from “one to a hundred.”

Why not leave the heavy financial lifting to us so you can concentrate on operating the business and scaling it to unicorn status? Unlike other firms that only offer bookkeeping or back-office CPA solutions, which is not a proper remedy, we offer a complete solution and simplify it for founders by providing the “full-suite CFO” service. Founders are given a single point of contact for all of their financial worries. The best things in life are simple, don’t waste your time on drama.