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Financial Modeling

At Aquifer, we’re your virtual CFO, financial life coach, and financial jedis here to elevate how founders think about their use of funds. 95% of startups fail due to unorganized finances and lack of financial understanding, and Aquifer will help guide founders with financial modeling, payroll, annual taxes, bookkeeping, M&A, and all of the day-to-day finances all the way until Unicorn status.


95% of startups fail due to
unorganized finances.

Your startup needs more than just a bookkeeper and less than a full-time CFO. Accounting firms can only do your yearly tax returns, but Aquifer will provide the whole picture by managing the day-to-day accounting & finance complexities that every small business needs to handle.

Hiring Aquifer will save you the cost of hiring 5 financial consultants/accountants. With our combined 15 years of professional financial experience, we’re the tenacious partner who will work closely with you to create a strategic path forward, a path that positions your startup for optimum performance, prolonged growth, and the best use of your seed money.


Why Choose Aquifer?

We simplify complex situations

We save you 50% of finance headcount salary

We’re financial Jedis

We’re knowledgeable and transparent

We’re startup veterans

We want entrepreneurs to start off right

We don’t quit until it’s done

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