Are you a startup founder?

Let us handle your finances.

Aquifer serves startups and small businesses to handle all financial operations and modeling, so you can solely focus on growing your business. We’re here to make sure you’re going to change the world, while keeping your finances healthy.

We are the virtual CFO for a startup of any size, and we know small businesses of different sizes require different services. And the sooner you have an understanding of your finances, the longer your runway will be. Every single day that passes has associated costs; work with us as early as possible to save the most $.

Our Approach

We scale the finance function to grow

We help you understand data and make the right decisions

We are businessmen, not just accountants

We offer consulting short term, saving you money in the long term

Your Results

You made the right moves with data you have

You avoided over-diluting your equity

You have a financially healthy company

You can raise capital at a higher valuaton

You are on your way to be the next unicorn

Multi-Industry Startup Support



Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Consumer Packaged Goods



(yes, our office is in Toronto, Canada)


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